God, We Need You!

Like me, you’re probably wondering how and why another senseless shooting has gripped our nation.  This time, evil visited San Bernardino – a city that I visit often.  I know many people that work in San Bernardino and who were just a few short blocks away from the shooting that occurred Wednesday, Dec. 2.  Thankfully, my friends were unhurt.  Authorities have confirmed that 14 individuals were killed and just as many were injured. Many more lives however have been forever altered as a result of yet another act of senseless violence.  When will it end we ask?  Why God, why? Why do bad things happen to good people?  We’ve all asked this question a time or two.  I don’t have the answers, unfortunately.  All I know to do is to keep believing the Word of God, regardless of what I see or what I feel.

I recently returned from Uganda. The people I met there were warm, beautiful and generous.  Reflecting on the news events of the last couple days, I wondered what my new friends might think about this American tragedy.  I was then reminded that we ALL need  a Savior.  From Coast to Coast, Continent to Continent, our only hope is in Jesus.  The One who surrendered His life for us.  Our hope for better tomorrows is only found in our belief in the Word of God. The Word that will not return to the earth void of power.

Now, join me please in praying for the City of San Bernardino and all the victims and families affected yesterday.  We serve a God who hears and answers prayer.



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