Friends, I don’t know about you, but the events that have occurred in Orlando over this last week have deeply saddened me.  It started Friday with the death of 22-year-old Christina Grimmie who was fatally shot by a man who had no apparent connection to the mega talented singer-songwriter.  We all know what followed the next day with 49 innocent people slaughtered at Pulse, a popular nightclub.  And now, we’re getting word that the body of a 2-year-old dragged away by an alligator  into a lagoon near a Disney hotel has been recovered. I don’t know that anyone has words that can bring much comfort to the survivors, victims, and their families at this time.  I can only offer my prayers for healing, peace, and that one day our questions will be answered.  I know that prayer changes things.


Meditate on this“Oh Lord, God of my salvation, I have cried out day and night before You. Let my prayer come before You; Incline Your ear to my cry.”  — Psalm 88:1-2




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