Gratitude is Always in Style

Today I want to take a moment to simply thank the Lord for His goodness; for His mercy; for His grace.  I know this world is full of challenges, but God is still good and deserves our praise.  My pastor often shares a great reminder that goes something like this… “What you’re complaining about is someone else’s answered prayer.  The family members that get on your last nerve… someone else is believing God for a family…”   I hope you get the picture.

I believe an attitude of gratitude opens the door for more goodness to enter our lives.  I believe it pleases God when we express gratitude for even the seemingly small things in life.   After all, everything we have comes from Him.

No matter the season, an attitude of gratitude is always in style.


Meditate on this:  “I will bless the Lord at all times: his praise shall continually be in my mouth.” — Psalm 34:1


Trust and Believe

Whew!  We made it through the first week of 2018.  There’s still an excitement in the air that a new year always brings.  I trust you’ve envisioned what you want 2018 to look like.  I’m asking God to increase my understanding of His Word.  I’m also asking for direction in my career and business ventures.  I have a dream in my hear that was planted when I was 8 or 9-years-old.  I’m still trusting God to bring it to pass.

What are you believing  God for this year? Is it a new home, career or relationship?  Perhaps it’s greater faith or healing that you need?

As long as your desires align with God’s will for your life, they can come to pass.

How do I know?

I know because God is a keeper of Hs Word.  He watches over His Word to perform it.  See Jeremiah 1:12 which states, Then the Lord said to me, “You have seen well, for I am ready to perform My word.” 

God’s Word includes healing for His children.  If you profess Jesus Christ as your savior, then you are a child of God and all the promises of God belong to you.  That includes physical healing and all that makes for a prosperous life – thriving relationships, financial resources, divine encounters, etc.

Our faith lays the foundation for God to do the crazy, impossible in our lives.

It is my prayer that God blesses you abundantly in 2018. It is my prayer that you trust and believe that God is able to do exactly what He has said He would do.  Live expectantly, and watch God work.  Here’s to a bountiful 2018!


Meditate on this:  Then the Lord said to me, “You have seen well, for I am ready to perform My word.”  Jeremiah 1:12